Nick Clemens

My hobbies: I love spending time with people! Mostly family and friends, but I’m a big people person. I love working with youth groups! I believe it is crucial in any person’s life that they are given opportunities to be mentored and taught about Christ-living, especially in their younger years. I like to go on driving adventures to see and explore new places! I really love trail riding in the mountains! I like to play video games and watch movies as a way to relax and de-stress.
My Strengths: I love talking to people and using that energy to brighten someone’s day, especially through my humor!
My favorite part about working for Sparkall: I absolutely enjoy being around my awesome co-workers and boss. I also love meeting new people, which is a way for me to share the love of Christ and impact someone’s day, week, or life in a positive way. 
My dreams in life: I dream about having a family. I want to get married, have kids, and raise and teach them to know God, and have a relationship with Him.I also dream about living a life full of mission-minded experiences. Meaning, I want to share the gospel and love of Christ with whoever I meet, whether through a career in ministry, or everyday life. 
One of my life mottos and why: G.W.G.F. (Go With God’s Flow) It’s cheesy, but it basically means to me that no matter what I face in life, God is working things out for my good. He is putting people in my life to minister to, build up, or vice-versa for my benefit. There’s always someone who needs to hear about Christ and be encouraged.
My Unique: I graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Leadership as well as a Minor in Criminal Justice.

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